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Perks & Benefits

Flexible Schedule

Whether you join our team as a intern, part-timer, or full-timer, we allow all team members to create a flexible schedule that works best for them and the company. For many, this includes remote days, paid time off, and the option to work at various sites with our clients.

Work-life Balance
We invest in our team. Your mental health, happiness, and sense of fulfillment in your job duties are all vital to us. Our company culture is built on communication and transparency, which allow us to work as a team to achieve our goals while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Employee Appreciation
We show our appreciation in a variety of ways. From employee awards, bonuses, and our team outings—we strive to ensure that our team members always feel val
ued and appreciated. 

Education & Development
We're a small team, meaning, as we grow, we want to ensure we continuously set you up for success. As a company, we are interested in helping our team members achieve their career goals. We currently offer our staff 2 paid hours of learning & development time weekly.  Sovereign has a mission to increase its skills and capabilities and our staff are the key to doing so. 

Creative Studio Access

As a member of the Sovereign Sounds team you will get access to utilize the creative studio for personal creative endeavors, given availability and approval by management. 

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