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Rental Application

This application is for the ability to rent cameras lenses and other photographic equipment from Sovereign Sounds

Personal Information


Insurance Information

Please arrange for your insurance agent to provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance naming Sovereign Sounds, Inc. as Loss Payee and Additionally Insured for replacement coverage of all rented equipment. If a Certificate of adequate insurance coverage is not provided, a deposit covering equipment value will be required each time equipment is rented.

List anyone you give permission to reserve equipment on this account (Identification is required prior to rental.)

Thank you for choosing Sovereign Sounds, INC. for your rental equipment needs. In order to meet the needs of all of our clients we have found it necessary to implement a certain set of guidelines. Your adherence to these few rules will help us to better be able to serve your needs.

A rental application form is required to be on file before first rental reservation can be taken (Verification of information on application will take a minimum of 24 hrs. to complete). Photo I.D. is required at the time of rental.

A deposit or certificate of insurance is required for all rental equipment. The deposit is equal to the replacement value of the equipment (list price). The deposit may be secured by a check (if GA resident and GA bank if the deposit amount is less than $10,000) or by credit card (NOT Debit Card or Check Card). Both the check and credit card must be in the name of the person whose name is on the registration. If you chose to use a credit card to secure a deposit, an “Authorization Hold” will be placed on your card for the amount of the deposit; that amount will remain on your card UNTIL YOUR bank releases the hold; SS does not remove the hold even after you return the equipment. A certificate of insurance may be used in lieu of a deposit providing that the certificate shows SS listed as additionally insured and as the certificate holder; the certificate should list a value amount equal to or greater than the value of the rental; the certificate should contain a statement that describes the coverage to include professional photographic equipment rented from and carried off premises by the renter; and the certificate has to be received by SS prior to the time of the rental. All rentals that are taken out of the continental US must have a certificate of insurance on file.

Rentals are based on a 24 hour time period. Additional charges will be incurred on rentals not returned on time.

A Weekly rental rate is a discount for prepayment and is based on a rate of 3 times the day rate (4 times daily rate for pro digital and video cameras). A late rental return will be charged for every day that it is late; no week or monthly rate discount will be given on rentals that have not been prepaid. Daily rentals that are kept for a week will also be charged for each day the rental is late. A monthly rate (4 weeks) is also available at 3 times the weekly rate.

A weekend discount is available for rentals picked up after 2pm on Friday and returned by 10am Monday; this discount is charged as a 1day instead of a two-day rental. However, if the rental is not returned by 10am, the rental is then considered 2 day rental and will be charged the extra day at the time of return.

Rental charges on out of town rentals start on the day the rental is shipped and end upon the return of the equipment to SS.

Shipping fees will be charged to the renter for all out of town rentals. SS ships via UPS. If other forms of shipping are requested the renter must make payment arrangements with the carrier prior to shipping.

It is the responsibility of the photographer or his agent to check the rental equipment before leaving SS. If you need an instruction manual or tips on how certain equipment operates, ask before leaving SS. If the photographer is unable to use equipment because they did not know how it operates, no rental credit will be issued. If a piece of equipment fails to operate properly while being rented, if possible the photographer should notify PPR of the failure at that time, not upon the return of the rental. Some "failures" can be corrected over the phone.

A weather credit will be issued if an assignment is canceled due to bad weather. (If the event was canceled due to bad weather, aerial photography and the flight was grounded, or weather conditions hindered the completion of the assignment, then it is left to the discretion of the rental manager)

Credits will not be issued if you had an equipment failure and SS was not given the opportunity to correct the problem, if you did not know how the equipment functions or you just did not need or use the equipment.

Equipment is checked before it leaves SS, any damages that occur after leaving SS, including during shipping, are the responsibility of the renter. Charges for damages include the cost of repair or replacement as well as the lost revenue on rental of the equipment while it is out at repair.

SS reserves the right to refuse rental of its equipment to anyone it deems does not meet the requirements set forth on the application.

Rentals are to be paid at the time of pick-up. Acceptable payment methods are Cash, Check or Credit Card.

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